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About Podcast

A Mom and a Mic

 I spend an inordinate amount of time casting the net of funny over those I encounter everyday, in the hopes of  imparting a solid belly-laugh, or the occasional high-five. There is nothing like the feeling you get when you make someone laugh.

I've been blessed, with the relentless encouragement from dear friends, to cast a wider net, and dispense my delightfulness onto unsuspecting strangers, and so this podcast was born.

 I hope my ridiculous take on the things of life brings you joy, especially when you're having trouble finding any....

The reality is, there are so many absurd things and so little time to talk about them, but I plan to address them all. I'm a self-proclaimed expert at saying irrelevant things about relevant things, and incessantly mocking everything else...

I personally want to thank you for giving a platform to the voices in my head...

My Testimony

I claimed to be a Christian from my earliest memories in childhood. I would occasionally ride the church bus, by myself, and attend Sunday School. I remember being given a really cool looking pamphlet as long as I was willing to walk down the aisle. I must have gotten seven or eight of those. I had no real understanding of what any of it meant.

I lived a decent life, and tried to do better than the examples set for me. After college I moved to Texas to begin the career I'd always wanted. Within two years I was married and living the dream. The truth was, my profession of faith was a sham. Sure, I claimed Christ, went to church regularly, and tithed. But my prideful heart was wicked. I did not have a love for God's people. I cared only about myself and being better than everyone else. I was drowning in my own merit and self-righteousness. I was not His, I was my own.

One afternoon, while laying around after a foot surgery, I stumbled across a short little man with a heavy Kiwi accent. He spoke clearly about what it meant to be saved. How confessing our sins and turning from them in repentance, was essential. Believing God to be the Lord of our life was more than just saying it out loud, my life, my pride, my sin, had to be surrendered to Christ.

The message left me in tears. But not just "sorry I got caught" tears, but deep sorrow for the sins I had committed against a Holy and Righteous God. I finally understood what being a believer meant. I was finally changed by grace through faith (Ephesians 2:8-9). The change in my heart was immediate. The rest of my life has been in process ever since (sanctification is a daily blessing).

The Bible tells us to make our calling and election sure (2 Peter 1:10). Please, take the time to make sure you are His. There is nothing more important than where you will spend eternity...  

I am living proof that beauty can come from ashes, that triumph does come from trials, and life is a constant cycle of healing and praise...

If you'd like to read more about our family's testimony you can do so below...


Hal And Melanie Young - authors and speakers

"Shauna Lopez is witty and warm, with a sense of humor that adds spice to her message. As a guest on our podcast, Making Biblical Family Life Practical, she was able to engage the heart of our audience and encourage them to a more Christ-honoring way to support adoptive families. We'd love to have her again!"

Betty~Peace Creek on the

"Shauna is a very encouraging uplifting woman.  She has a way of being humorous while helping to encourage and support you in your struggles as a woman, wife, mother and child of God"  

Jenn ~ Orlando, FL

If you're looking for hysterical, it's Shauna, full stop.

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